🥇🥇The effect of Virogreen supplementation on reducing inflammatory mediators and immune stimulation

🐖🐖Currently, the swine production industry cannot deny that there are ongoing problems in raising such as ASF, PRRS or FMD, or bacterial diseases. This causes the pigs to have health problems and subsequent losses. But the use of antibiotics and vaccines may not be the answer in every situation. Therefore, natural extract products can be an alternative solution to the problem.

☘️☘️Virogreen is a natural extract product from sweet chestnut, phytogenic extracts, and betaine.
👉It reduces inflammation, fever, pain reduction,
👉and inhibition of specific immune cell destruction in swine.
👉In addition, it reduces losing of swine on the farm
👉and helps to increase the production performance

✅✅Based on the latest results that ASP has conducted with professors from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. It was found that Virogreen supplementation of 1 kg per ton of feed of farrowing sows.

👉They were able to significantly reduce the amount of inflammatory mediators TNF-alpha and IL-10 in farrowing sows and piglets.
👉This indicates a strong ability to reduce NF-kB signaling and reduce inflammation.
👉It is also likely to be able to enhance IFN-gamma, the primary immune defense against the virus.
👉and it tends to reduce the viral
load of the PRRS virus as well.

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