Virogreen, the natural extracts to reduce inflammatory cytokines and free radicals that causes severe inflammation and high fever which leads to the depression of a specific immune system in the body according to the mechanism of AFRICAN SWINE FEVER (ASF) Infection.

The study on the damage reduction of ASF in fattening pigs on a pandemic farm in Cambodia. In this trial, we divided the houses into 3 groups where all 3 houses are located in the same area.
1. Control Group (PCR Negative)
2. ASF Infected group (PCR positive):
Virogreen supplement 2 kg per ton of feed
3. ASF free group (PCR Negative):
Virogreen supplement 2 kg per ton of feed
The result shows that, Virogreen supplement in ASF infected pigs feed (PCR positive) can reduce the damage rate up to 59% and the return on investment is 15 times. After 5 weeks of virogreen supplementation along with the culling of sick pigs, the PCR test was negative and could continue fattening for 1 week without further damage.

In addition, ASF free group (PCR Negative) where no any damage from ASF infection and able to keep the herd free of the virus until the end the phase. The return on investment is 25 times.

From the results of the trial, it can be concluded that Virogreen supplementation can help reduce damage from AFRICAN SWINE FEVER outbreaks. It is most effective if the product is supplemented before an outbreak occurs.


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