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                Vetproducts and Consultants Co., Ltd was established in 1995 with the vision to bring the latest knowledge and technologies for increasing farm production efficiency by helping farmers to decrease their costs and increase profits thus enabling them to be able to compete in the global market. Vetproducts and Consultants Co., Ltd was established by the following five founders

1. Dr. Boonchai    Sirisakdiwan (D.V.M.)
2. Dr. Tanin           Cheewapalaboon (D.V.M.)
3. Dr. Sakol           Pokai (D.V.M.)4. Dr. Pornchai     Pongsatiwat (D.V.M.)5. Dr. Sakchai      Chansikkakorn (D.V.M.)

            By focusing on our vision to provide quality products and services and to give our customers quality consultation services, we have received the trust and warm welcome from our customers which facilitated our growth. The growth in demand and trust 

by our customers enabled us to expand our business in order to maximize the service areas. We also reinforced our advisory services by inviting well known academicians to be our consultants in both swine and poultry lines, in order to develop our knowledge base and to increase the production efficiency for our customers’ farms.

From our success, we have gained the trust of foreign well-known medical supplies companies that appointed us as the distributors for their leading products. Our company has a complete range of medical supplies that include the basic livestock medical supplies, vaccines, hormones, premix, antibiotics, enzymes, food supplements, toxin binders and disinfectant to cover the farm’s need.
Our company has refined our corporate execution plan according to our mission in order to increase customer service efficiency, by establishing more companies in the Vetproducts Group and adjusting our marketing plan accordingly. Currently, apart from being the distributors for above-mentioned leading products, we are also the distributors in Thailand for quality premix and food supplements from Animal Supplement and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd; the premix, feed supplement and antibiotics production factory with the latest technology.We are mindful that our success is related to our ability to always offer quality products, excellent services and, advisory and consultancy services for elevating the production performance. On top of this, we also organize many marketing programmes such as tour programmes, both domestic and abroad, and other rewarding activities for our customers. Finally,  being mindful of our role in contributing towards a good society, we are, according to the government policy, promoting the practice of standard and good environment management in the farm.The Vetproducts and Consultant Co., Ltd team is fully staffed with highly experienced veterinarians who are ready to support you through our excellent consultation services. Our goal is to help animal farmers to increase their production efficiency and for their business to thrive in the ever changing conditions in the global market.

Vetproducts and Consultant Co., Ltd team
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Vetproducts and Consultant Co., Ltd
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