Vetproducts Poultry Co., Ltd

About Us

                Vetproducts Poultry Co., Ltd, a company in the Vet Products Group, was established on the 28th February 2014 by Dr. Sangwan Tongtuswattana (D.V.M.) who has a total of 20 years experience in the areas of administration, sales and marketing. Vetproducts Poultry sells high quality products from the factory of Animal Supplement and Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd., using international standards production facilities. We also have experienced marketing and advisory teams to take care of the farm for maximum production efficiency. We conduct various projects such as Feed solution project, Doctor layer project, GMP project, NIR project, pullet (young hen) project and many more, for maximising production output and profits for the farm owner, according to our motto

“Vetproducts Poultry: we create maximum profit for our customers, with our best quality products and advisory services.”
Team Work
Management Team

1. Dr. Sangwan    Tongtuswattana (D.V.M.)    General Manager 

2. Dr. Nattajuk      Thingar (D.V.M.)                   Sales Supervisor

Vetproducts Poultry Co., Ltd Team
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Vetproducts Poultry Co., Ltd
3300/121-123  Elephant Tower B, Fl. 24, Phaholyothin Rd., Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand.  Tel. 02-9374888   Fax. 02-9374901