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Vet Products Group’s core vision is to bring Thai business to the world market and to offer quality products that answer our customers’ need. Combined with the success of the Vet Products Group over the past 12 years in helping to develop our customers’ business and livestock sector, and the readiness of Vet Products Group that most of our staff are veterinarians, and we saw the opportunity to further expand our business into the pet industry. Therefore, in 2007, Vet Products Group established Merge Companion (Thailand) Co., Ltd, a company that is fully staffed with our team of consultants and marketing specialists together with our other business alliances. We are committed towards fulfilling the needs in the pet industry with our quality products, mindful service and various marketing strategies.

Merge Companion (Thailand) Co., Ltd’s main business is in the pet industry. We are the importer and distributor of quality products such as up-to-date medical equipment for pet hospitals including ultrasound machines, surgical tools, etc. We also have quality products for pets such as the dog food “Kanipro” and cat food “Felipro” under the slogan “Good Taste Good Health For Your Dog and Cat”, pet shampoos of various formulas under the brands “Merge” and “Dr.Merge”, and other necessary products for your pets. Moreover, Merge Companion also has strong business alliances, such as with Berli Jucker Co., Ltd, to help in promoting our products and marketing activities in order to cover the market’s need.

“Merge Companion(Thailand), a distributed, imported, exported company for entire innovative products including various pet products managed”

— Merge Companion —

Merge Companion(Thailand), a distributed, imported, exported company for entire innovative products including various pet products managed by Dr.Tanin Cheewapalaboon, Managing Director of Vet Products Group networking all around AEC and own GMP-proved manufacturer ourself. Merge Companion (Thailand) was authorised to be exclusive distributor from many world-class clients because of sharp vision on growth-market opportunity with are generous experience, understanding in customer pain points, improving and adjustment to become completely Merge 4.0 by merging Innovation and natural together divisibly to be an integrative solution for pet care.

Dr.Pornchai Pongsatiwat, General Manager, the major responsible for veterinary medical devices said Merge 4.0 focus on small animal rehabilitation because trend of small animal was shifting to become care intensely so pet get older and ageing as human does so rehabilitation is the main alternatives for senile pet for healthier. Merge Companion(Thailand) got underwater treadmill, wheelchair and harness that invented by our engineers. Not only these, High Intensity Laser device was our masterpiece with widely benefits for wound healing, analgesics, rehabilitation and more. Ultrasound was also one of our proud, diagnose with precise ultrasound image including abdomen, electrocardiography or others organ makes more precise and better diagnosis .

Mr.Poonsak Withangjeen, Sales Manager advised other than above Merge Companion (Thailand) got exclusive distributed for SC-II, the next level of Osteoarthritis treatment, not just analgesic effect in OA but moreover with chondroprotective effect. The only one in veterinary market of Asia. Natural toner for skin disease extracted from truly local Thai herbs with truly efficacy is so suitable for everyone who concerned in efficacy and no side effect under prescript by vet only.

Merge Companion is a story of successful in animal health industrial indicated the continuous of growth economic of Thailand

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