🥇🥇Globigen Pig Doser(GPD) … A supplementary product specifically designed to enhance the immune system derived from egg yolk to effectively reduce a diarrhea or enteritis in piglets.

📌📌The main components include:
1. Soybean oil
2. Dry X product (IgY)
3. Vitamin A
4. Vitamin D
5. Vitamin E
6. Enterococcus feacium
Manufactured in a Japanese standard factory by the leading technology of EW Nutrition Company.

🍼🍼Globigen Pig Doser(GPD) helps alleviate diarrhea and enteritis, especially during the early lactation period when piglets often suffer from diarrhea due to insufficient colostrum intake. With IgY immunity from egg yolks, it can help inhibit specific pathogens, directly reducing disease-causing agents. Additionally, it provides energy and vitamins, promoting stronger piglets.

1. Reduce pre-weaning mortality rates
2. Increase piglet weaning weights
3. Aid in achieving uniformity within the piglet herd
4. Decrease the likelihood of antibiotic resistance

✅✅Globigen Pig Doser(GPD) has been tested and trial in Spain, Germany, Russia, and Thailand to increase weaning pig and improve weaning weights, it really help to increase return on investment (ROI).

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