The continuously increasing of animal feed raw materials prices has been a concern, especially corn, which is the main raw material in animal feed. This situation greatly affects the
cost of animal production. This makes feed supplements that can replace or reduce the number of feed ingredients play an important role in feed formulation.

Physnap, the fastest-acting 6 – E.coli phytase expressed on Aspergillus Niger, completely releases phosphorus from the upper digestive tract. Phytase (Myo-inositol hexakisphosphate
phosphohydrolase) catalyzes the stepwise removal of phosphate from phytic acid or its salt phytate in order to reduce the binding capacity to nutrients and promote animal phosphorus utilization. The complex structure released amino acids, protein, minerals, and phosphorus. Because nutrients are absorbed better in the small intestine, animals supplemented with Physnap will have better performance. Moreover, Physnap can decrease 3.34% of corn consumption, which is calculated from the amount of 1 million laying hens, it can reduce the cost
of corn use 8,287,778 baht per year.


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