🐽Effect of INNOGROW to improve growth performance in Nursery pigs. At present, emerging swine diseases such as African Swine Fever (ASF) affect severe damage to pig production. A long rising period of the nursery pig to fattening pig makes the high risk of ASF outbreak and increased loss of production. Nowadays, raising pigs during the nursery-fattening period focuses on fast-growing and selling quickly to minimize the impact of ASF.

✅INNOGROW is feed additive product to use in nursery – grower pig for improve growth performance and weight gain.
Indication :
• Nursery pig = 1.25 – 1.5 kg/ton of feed
• Starter – grower pig = 1 kg/ton of feed

✅From trial result of INNOGROW in commercial swine farm
1. Using Innogrow in nursery pig period (4 – 12 weeks), the result showed to improve average daily gain (ADG) was 3.63% **(ADG value of control group was 523.5 g/pig/day and Innogrow group was 542.5 g/pig/day)

2. Using Innogrow in nursery pig period (4 – 12 weeks), the result showed a reduced raising period for 3 days in the Innogrow group and finishing weight nearby to the control group. **(raising period of control group was 62 days and finishing weight was 39.83 kg/pig, raising period of Innogrow group was 59 days and finishing weight was 39.44 kg/pig)

3. The use of Innogrow in nursery pigs at 4-12 weeks of age, in the case of both groups having the same raising period, was 8 weeks. From the trial result, Innogrow has an ADG value more than the control group was 19 g/pig/day and calculates weight gain as more than the control group was 1.06 kg/pig

✅Using the trial results to calculate the return on investment (ROI) = 7.71 ** Calculated from increased feed cost was 16.59 baht/pig with Innogrow 1.25 kg/ton of feed and pig prices 94 baht/kg

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