Oxipro is an oxidizing agent that has the main component is potassium peroxymonosulphate (PPMS). Which can be made high active oxygen to 3.5%. And oxipro has the experimental results confirming its ability to effectively control bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Water hardness is one of the important factors that can affect the effectiveness of disinfectants. “The higher the hard water, the lower the ability to control the pathogen.”
The ASP has been tested by
1. Collecting 66 water samples from inside and outside the farm from various areas in Thailand.
2. Measure the hardness of the water and divide the degree of hardness (Reference from: Department of Groundwater Resources, 2021)
3. Mix the water sample with Oxipro at a concentration of 1:100.
4. Tested with Salmonella spp. with 1.53×10^8 cfu/ml for 30 seconds.
5. Culture to find the amount of remaining pathogen on TSA media.

The result shows that no residual pathogens were found on the media. Or it can be concluded that Oxipro is effective in killing Salmonella spp. in 30 seconds, even under a wide range of water hardness conditions.


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