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                Vetproducts (Myanmar) Co., Ltd was established in 2014 at Yangon City, Myanmar with the vision to be the well-accepted leader on animal health for both livestock and pets throughout Thailand and Asia. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who have many years of experience regarding medical supplies and food supplements for animals. Our experts operate in every field including animal health, animal feed, animal feed production, products for animals, and sales and marketing. The establishment of the AEC presented a good opportunity to set up Vetproducts (Myanmar) Co.,ltd. in order to further our vision and promote accelerated growth in livestock sector in Myanmar.

Since we started our operations in Myanmar, we have been conducting many activities to promote animal farming by developing the farming systems and solving the related problems of our customers all across the country and the feedback from our customers has been excellent. We would like to thank our customers for their trust and we will continue to assure them by conducting our business based on meeting, if not exceeding our customers’ needs by following our philosophy that “We will help our customers to maximize profit in a sustainable manner”. Our aim is to help all operators to achieve maximum production efficiency while minimizing their production costs. We also have many on-going projects such as:

                Feed Solution Project is a complete animal feed management project for minimizing production cost.

                Doctor Poultry Project is a complete poultry farm management project for helping our customers to maximize profits from their farm operations.

                Mini GMP Project is a project that helps our customer to be able to promptly validate the quality of the primary raw materials, which is an important problem on that affects the quality of the products and also animal feed cost.

Our Vetproducts (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd. team provides quality products from the Animal Supplement and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, also known as ASP, the manufacturing arm of Vetproducts group in Thailand. ASP’s manufacturing operations are certified by ISO9001: 2008, GMP, HACCP, GMP PICS, FAMI-QS and many other key standards. In addition, ASP is the first company specializing in livestock medicine and medical supplies to receive the coveted “Thailand Trust Mark” certification. This certification gives our customers the assurance that they can benefit from our distinct and unique products.
Vetproducts (Myanmar) Co.,ltd. is fully staffed with our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We will continue to initiate more projects to maximize our customers’ benefit and success according to our motto “Your Success Is Our Task ”. We are ready to help further the development of the livestock industry in Myanmar for the sustainable success of the farm business and their operators.
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